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Water Damage from Toilet Overflow

 Of all the things that can possibly happen in your household, a water damage from inside your home or property from a toilet overflow or backup can be one of the most annoying. Whether it be dirty or clean water, it still leaves room for a lot of potential damage and headaches.  With bathrooms being on all levels of the home, the water has nowhere to go but down and can cause damages throughout the ceilings and walls below. It can corrode the metals in your home, it can weaken the wood, ruin your flooring or carpet as well as trigger the growth of mold. If the water is unsanitary, the risk can increase due to the health hazards of the dirty water.  

If ever you are experiencing a water damage from a toilet overflow or backup at your home or property, do not stress. Call Vancouver’s #1 Water Damage Specialists!  At Canada's Restoration Services Vancouver, we are the company that goes above and beyond in order to help you shut down the flood at its source and clean up the water, no matter if it is dirty or clean. We are offering a full toilet overflow cleanup as well as Restoration services to help you have your home or property back to its original state!

We at Canada's Restoration Services together with our team of highly trained professionals in the network of restoration contractors are #1 when it comes to water damage repairs.  We are able to help all of those who are in the Vancouver and surrounding areas and bring your property back to a dry, safe living environment. We are wealthy when it comes to experience and are fully equipped 24/7 and can be at your property in 45 minutes or less! Our main goal is to get the normal life you have back on its usual track.

Don’t wait, let us, Canada's Restoration Services, do the job for you. Cleaning up water damage from an overflowing toilet along with repair and restoration, can be a hard thing to do. It takes the right gear and the right expertise to complete the process in a proper way.

We will,

·         arrive on site within 45 minutes, 24/7

·         contact a plumber if necessary to repair the toilet or pipes

·         extract all the sitting water and install drying equipment

·         remove of any affected materials that could lead to secondary damage

·         monitor the damaged areas to ensure that everything is drying accordingly

·         deal directly with your insurance if this is a covered claim


What Causes Toilet Overflows or Backups?

Toilets can overflow or backup from a few different sources. To understand and prevent this from happening, we have listed the precautionary sources and methods:

  1. Clogged Toilet

A clog can possibly happen when a particular solid object or other mass causes a blocking of the line that allows the waste to travel from the bowl to the sewer. It can possibly include the accumulation of human hair, flushed toilet paper, feminine pads, other thick materials (clothing/towel) as well as the common, children’s’ toys. Children love to get into mischief, so flushing a toy down the toilet bowl seems like the right thing to do! These objects have the ability to make the passage of water difficult causing both the waste and the water to back flow. When this situation happens and the water in the tank does not stop from flowing, there will surely be spills of water on the surrounding spaces. If not caught in time, this can cause serious flooding and major damage to your property.

  1. Tank Malfunction

The malfunctioning of the water tanks can also bring on similar flooding with water, which usually involves less contamination. Toilet tanks are designed in order to stop filling the tank, as well as the bowl, with water when a designated volume has been reached. If a certain part of the internal mechanism has been broken, the water can continuously flow and may cause the tank bowl to overflow and allow water to flow over. If you notice after you flush and you hear the sound of “water running” from the toilet, make sure to check all the mechanisms in the tank. This can lead to overflow in certain circumstances which is better to be prevented if possible!

  1. Sewer Backups

It is common to have water in the basement from a sewer backup, but what you might not realize is that it can come out of your toilet or bathtub as well. All the pipes in our home are connected so if water has nowhere else to go, it will travel through any possible openings that it can find. This is dirty or grey water as it comes from the sewer; it can contain harmful bacteria so it needs to be cleaned by a professional with an antimicrobial to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

An overflowing toilet shows a variety of dangers that can possibly happen to your property. The water that overflows is usually prone to contamination, so it is very important to contact an expert like us, Canada's Restoration Services Vancouver, to properly clean and deal with the flood.

Not only are there immediate damages but secondary water damage can occur as well. The longer the wet materials are left, the more exposure to this you are. You can experience permanent damages on the structure of your home and an intensive amount of mold growth can occur. It can also cause appliance damages, the creation of electrical hazards as well as the creation of fire hazard.

We at Canada's Restoration Services are highly qualified contractors who are equipped with superior skills that can do the job right the first time! We guarantee to give quick response time and arrivals so that any secondary water damage can be prevented. You can rely to us. We are going to make sure that it will be dealt with professional and promptly so your home or property is back to its usual working order.

 Contact your #1 Water Damage Pros in Vancouver, Canada's Restoration Services!

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