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Mold Growth and Mould Removal in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver has a vast change in climate due to its location. The ocean, allows higher moisture levels in homes around the cities, which is a great source for mold growth. Mold is known to cause various health related problems, especially respiratory issues if it has contaminated the air. Research shows mold will grow on any organic material, as long as the lack of air flow and increased moisture are present. Mold grows on any organic material, such as insulation, wood, and or drywall in the right conditions. Most properties experience mold due to natural growth or lack of maintenance.  Molds require moisture and a low movement of air flow to quickly grow. In order to reduce the chances of mold, be sure to reduce the humidity and open windows or doors to improve air flow. 

If you suspect that you have a mold infestation, be sure to look out for these common signs of mold. Mold will grow is you have had a cracked piped or a leaky pipe that made contact with drywall or wood. If this is the case, be sure to clean it immediately prior to mold growth. Mold can appear as many colours and can in occasion grow mushrooms.  If it cannot be identified by a distinct colour, it can typically smelled due to its odor. Mold contains a characteristic of a musty, earthy smell. 

Anyone who attempts to remove mold, or handles the material is contains mold growth, must be IICRC certified and hold the necessary certifications to remove mold. This allows that the conditions remain healthy, and does not cross-contaminate any spores into other areas of the building. 

It is extremely important that you choose an expert mold removal company that already has experience in mold remediation and mold removal should you find mold growth. Find a company with lots of experience and references is difficult at a cheap price. Any experienced restoration company that follows all protocols and guidelines will not be cheap. There are many companies or other “uncertified” professionals who do not know the proper handling procedures and can put yourselves and themselves in great harm. While there are a vast number of professional restoration companies, there are many individuals which believe that can removed mold without the proper certifications, choosing the right one is critical. We served thousands of customers across the nation with all of them being satisfied with the work and service.

Under the right conditions, airborne mold can easily grow and multiply on surfaces. Spores can survive in more extreme conditions than mold, allowing it to travel easier by air or water currents to different locations. However, both cannot grow without water or moisture. Once the organism finds a damp host surface, the spores find the appropriate oxygen and temperature and it will to survive and eventually spread.

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