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Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Canada’s Restoration Services is an expert in asbestos works: asbestos inspection, asbestos testing and asbestos removal. We operate in Vancouver and area and perform residential and commercial asbestos removal projects of different scale and complexity.

Asbestos is still widely present in older buildings (built before mid-1980s). It might be contained in “popcorn” ceilings, pipe wrapping, drywall joints cement, floor registers insulation, vinyl floor and ceiling tiles, etc. Homeowners might not be aware that they have asbestos in the house. It is often revealed accidentally during renovations or construction works and can quickly become dangerous when disturbed.

Canada’s Restoration Services commits to providing safe and efficient asbestos removal by following required industry procedures and safety guidelines. We are certified to work with all types of asbestos projects: type 1, type 2, and type 3. The difference lies in the amount of asbestos that becomes airborne during the removal process and overall complexity and exposure hazard of the project. Depending on the type of asbestos removal, specialists of Canada’s Restoration Services build two- or three-room plastic barricades to protect the unaffected area from cross-contamination. Technicians going in and out of the affected area have to go through thorough cleaning process to prevent asbestos fibers from spreading. HEPA-filter equipment on site also guarantees efficiency and safety.
Any asbestos project starts with an asbestos inspection, during which our licensed inspectors visually examine the area that is supposed to contain asbestos and take samples to perform comprehensive testing at a third-party laboratory. Based on the lab report, the inspector makes a conclusion about the type of asbestos problem (if any) and recommends further remediation steps.

Canada’s Restoration Services has up-to-date equipment and professional staff to take care of any type of asbestos removal project. Stucco ceilings? Vinyl tiles? Vermiculite insulation? Book a free asbestos inspection with Canada’s Restoration Services to make sure that materials in your home or office do not pose a hidden danger. Buying a house? Ask your home inspector about asbestos presence and contact Canada’s Restoration Services if the problem exists.

Remember, asbestos fibers can be extremely dangerous when inhaled! So, if you found asbestos or asbestos-containing materials in your house, don’t try to remove them yourself. Personal protective equipment has to be worn in the asbestos-affected area at all times. Leave this job to professionals! For more information, to book a free asbestos inspection, or start an asbestos removal project call Canada’s Restoration Services today.

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