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Asbestos Removal Reviews

Tracy in Coquitlam
September 21st, 2015

 I needed to top up my insulation in the attic and unfortunately the insulation company came across vermculite. I had it tested and of course, it came back positive. Not having budgeting for this extra expense I was at a lost. I called Canada's Restorations Services as I saw on the website that they had free in house financing. This truely did save the day! I now have a cleaned out attic, my house is much warmer, and I have the ease of mind that there is no asbestos, PLUS the fact that I can have low monthly payments to help deal with the cost. Thank you so much Canada's Restoration Services!

August 2nd, 2015

 I was doing some major renovations in my home and the contractors came across some asbestos pipe wrap in behind the walls. I called Canada's Restoration Services as I wasn't sure if I could leave it or it had to be removed. They gave me the options, but after weighing them, decided to have the asbestos removed. They sent in Andrew and he was able to give me a quote same day. I was able to schedule in the work the next day which was great as I didn't want it to hold up the reno too much. Thank you once again, and definitely give this company a call if you need any assistance with asbestos removal.

Ken Martin
May 28th, 2015

 Awesome Company! I had originally called them in for some mold growth, but they noticed some supicious looking material that they thought could be asbestos. I had it inspected and sure enough it was. I feel much safer knowing that not only the mold is gone, but that my family's health is not a risk from the asbestos. Thank you!

Paula L.
May 10th, 2015

Great, professional company! From the initial vist to the end result, it was amazing. I even receive a certificate of completion that all asbestos material was removed. This was great as I was able to give it to the new homeowners. Thank you once again! 


Much to my surprise, asbestos was found in the register vents of my home during a home inspection from a potential buyer. In a hurry to close the sale, I had to work fast and get it removed. Given the great reviews, I called Canada’s Restoration and they sent out a project manager that day! They were able to perform the work the following day and I was able to save the sale! Great work all the way from the quick response, to the professionalism of the crews, and the level of work completed! Very pleased!


I hired the Vancouver Branch of Canada’s Restoration Services to remove the asbestos around some of the ductwork in the basement. The quote came in competitive but the overall professionalism of the company stood out over the other two companies I received quotes from. Andrew, who is the Branch Manager was the gentleman that came out to my property and he was great. He was able to walk me through the process and gave me a detailed scope of the procedure. The two technicians, Sean and David who performed the work were just as great. Very polite and took great care in my home. Thank you for your amazing work and I highly recommend Canada’s Restoration for asbestos removal. 

G. Konn

We took possession of our new home on January 16. We had arranged for Canada Restoration Services to remove asbestos wrap from our furnace hot air run. Despite our furnace being in a very tight room they were able to remove all of the asbestos. Our house was left spotless and we are now able to move in knowing the asbestos has been removed. Thank you CRS 

Kathy Beale
We moved into a new(older) home that our home inspector found asbestos wrap around the heating vents. We called Canada's Restoration Services and Andrew came to perform an inspection quickly before our offer to purchase expired. Andrew gave us a quote on the spot allowing us to know the cost to remove the asbestos that we then used as a tool when negotiating the house price. We scheduled the job the day our house closed. Andrew and his team completed to work as scheduled allowing us to move in the next day.
We would recommend CRS for asbestos removal.


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